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Article introduction

Bread should be baked with oven, some need use professional face charter flight, just can make traditional bread, to first time panification weFall in love with the sea

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, there is the product of so much major in the home, also can use panification of electric rice cooker, every family of electric rice cooker has, put the egg in electric rice cooker, do good egg white and vitelline depart, add the modulation of condiment and panada, after getting ready, can succeed with electric rice cooker bake a bread.

Electric rice cooker also can panification?


1, prepare raw material;

2, hit 4 eggs to arrive inside container, egg white and yoke depart;

3, hit egg white a little while with 4 chopsticks became below this appearance;

4, add salt and candy;

5, hit a bit1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Stiff when putting one spoon1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

6, want to hit half hours or so probably, become the ropier mash; like suckling former times

Electric rice cooker also can panification?

7, sugar of 2 big spoon is put in yoke, 3 big spoon risk pointed flour, ; of 6 spoon milk

8, after agitate is good, a moment ago made the thing like good grandma former time into the half, mix up and down divide evenly, do not hitShanghai noble baby

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Circle, entering other in part later is fluctuation agitate; likewise

9, electric meal Bao presses cook warm-up, heat up a little some good, enter oil next, to be not stuck. Even besmear is inside boiler;

10, the material that falls to had mixed, press cook key, jump to heat preservation a little while. Hold off gas outlet to cover tightly 20 minutes with towel at this moment, press again next cook key, can enjoy you to carbonado with one’s own hands just a minute the biscuit that earth up.

Electric rice cooker also can panification?

Sweet clew

1, there cannot be water in the container that holds an egg.

2, the 6th pace meets egg white agitate into the time of semisolid condition a bit longer.

Eat give health

1, flour contains a lot ofprotein, carbohydrate, vitamin and calcium, iron, phosphor, Potassium, magnesium to wait mineral, have kidney of the beneficial that raise a heart, be good at lienal thick bowel, stop except heat thirsty effect.

2, wheaten flavour pleasant, the gender is cool, enter; of classics of heart, lienal, kidneyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Raise a heart, beneficial kidney, divide heat, stop thirsty; advocate treat dysentery of thirsty of dirty impetuous, irritated heat, disappear, discharge, carbuncle swollen, traumatic haemorrhage and scald.

3, flour: ? Does  of an ancient drinking vessel of  model  aing concubine of an emperor take off ⅰ of   ∑ ?

Cate abstains from

Flour lacks the nutrient ingredient such as prandial fiber, the gastric bowel function that long-term edible can affect human body is caused hidebound.

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Electric meal Bao shoulds not be the acid that boil, alkaline kind of food, the place that also is not put in mordant gas or moisture

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