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Everybody knows, the female is in confined when, want to notice a few habits on the life not only, dietary respect also needs an attention all the more, because during confinement the female wants nurse not only, and oneself gas blood also causes huge loss, mix with respect to blood of should additional gas so compensatory nutrition. Because this is very much,compose of the scheming in confinement was rolled out a few during be aimed at confinement confinement cookbook formula of the female, so what does confinement formula cookbook have?

 Confinement formula cookbook

One, the attention reads a constitution

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Master, because division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can help puerpera differentiate constitution, give nutrient division way of a take good care of sb. If the puerpera belongs to the word of hot sex constitution, do not suit to eat sesame oil chicken more, unfavorable also eat the fruit such as litchi, longan, apple.

1, cold sex constitution: Main show is complexion cadaverous, be afraid that cold or limb is frozen, catch a cold easily. Proposal of division of division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can eat more relatively lukewarm the food that fill, be like Shang Huo of sesame oil chicken, arrack chicken, 4 content 10 completely big filling soup, notice cannot too oily, lest diarrhoea.

2, hot sex constitution: Basically behave be flushed, limb or brothers heart are hot, , defecate works hard or constipation, the skin grows acne easily. Division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine suggests to eat soup of soup of yam chicken, black polished glutinous rice, fish, chop to wait more, greengrocery is optional lotus root of towel gourd, wax gourd, lotus.

2, neuter constitution: Not hot not coldFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, not special mouth works. On food easier choice, but1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Fill in order to feed with medicine alternate edible, without the problem with special what.

2, abide by ” Qing Dynasty, attune, filling ” 3 level

 Confinement formula cookbook

1, clear: Benefit water detumescence, eliminate lochia, clear bowel aperient, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu

2, tone: Stimulative metabolization, refection, alimentary the five internal organs, improve mother milk quality

3, fill: Hairdressing is raised colour, filling gas raises blood, improvement constitution, enhance immunity force

The dietary focal point of each phase is different, if can affect the refreshment of the body into filling order topsy-turvy. What if a week has month of confinement after giving birth to a child,urge breast is big those who fill article, can cause mastitis easily. So, the body that nutrient Shi Huigen seizes these 3 phase and puerpera is specific the case will make confinement food.

What should make body part first above all is analytic, advocate if detect,the nutrition such as adipose, protein, calcic, iron, vitamin becomes the body cent, what essence of life allows to measure health of body of one’s previous experience is short board, make corresponding confinement eat recipe thereby.

(1) is postpartum the 1st week cookbook

 Confinement formula cookbook


Lunch: Soup of pig abdomen hyacinth bean (be good at lienal go wet,

AfternoonForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Tea: Ren Shan of Yi of cake of dew of sago of fruit, fruit, crystal dumpling, red jujube, sesame seed medical tea with milk

Dinner: Beef of stew of pig abdomen, yam, cornLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Chop soup, baby food, violet rice, dawdle fries heart of pig of candied date or jujube of medlar of beef, lotus seed frog of stew of soup, soya bean

Food taken late at night: Popular package of coco of form of milk, heart, silver carp millet congee

(2) is postpartum the 2nd week of cookbook

Breakfast: sweet brown sugar blossoms congee of pumpkin of evaporate of lily of juice of silk of asparagus lettuce of steamed bread, sesame oil wild rice stem, coco, filling kidney, secret makes the kidney that raise liver poached eggs of soya-bean milk, rice wine

Brief eat: Tea of alimentary liver kidney, former juice, woodShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The melon bird’s nest that stew

Lunch: Fish of preserve one’s health of corn of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys of soup of 8 precious lean lean, ormosia rice, walnut, pine benevolence, soup-stock

Afternoon tea: Egg whip, fruit pair go all out, a thick soup of lily of tremella lotus seed

Dinner: Oaten beef bead, seafood fries fruit of chicken broth of black of black soya bean of the bark of eucommia, firedrake ginseng of the distant of meal, millet that boil, on yam of rod of Shang Gong three-colored amaranth, iron fries Qiu Kui

Food taken late at night: Raise a heart to calm the nerves soup, honeycomb cake, milk

(3) is postpartum week and the 4th week of the 3rd cookbook

Breakfast: Sandwich, yam, element fries egg of wild rice stem, rice wine to spend a thick soup of egg of 3 soup, chow mien, agaric, evaporate, egg of carapace of walnut soya-bean milk, belt

Lunch: Soup of lean lean octopus (be good at lienal beneficial gas enrichs the blood) , ginger of foot of frog of braise in soy sauce, pig, on soup of fish of soup spinach, crucian carp, sweet decoct decorticates stay of proceedings of fish, tea tree fries Niu Liu, imperial dish

Afternoon tea: Firedrake fruit, evaporate banana, be good at female fruit of a thick soup of cake of lienal water, Hua Fu, tremella, emperor

Dinner: Duck of mother of ginger of shelled fresh shrimps of pig abdomen chicken broth, cashew, small greens, noodles in soup, Taiwan (ginger, red jujube, a surname child, ) of dried tangerine or orange peel, bean curd of evaporate of shelled fresh shrimps, yam medlar pig hoof soup

Food taken late at night: Yogurt, toast piece, sleep peacefully cake of water, pumpkin, milk, coconut juice corn a thick soup

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