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China is one is having the state with traditional 5000 history, in long historical years, also produced the cate of many characteristic, and in the traditional thinking in the Chinese, different festival wants the food with different edible, in dragon boat festival main edible moon cake, be about in off year and good year time edible dumpling, can have the implied meaning the action of perfect reunion. When the dumpling that make, if discover dumpling skin is excellent, how should do?

 How does dumpling skin do forcedly

One, how does dumpling skin do forcedly

With wet towel the bag rises, put into freezer to refrigerate one night.

2, how is dumpling skin done soft muscle

1, select material: Mean dumpling skin soft muscle, had to have chosen on select material. The flour that does dumpling skin had better choose tall muscle flour medium perhaps muscle flour. Need to use cold water knead dough namely next, because the dumpling skin of cold water face has very good flexibility, and still be able to bear or endure quite boil, when boiling dumpling be boiled not easily to defeat.

 How does dumpling skin do forcedly

2, in putting flour the basin, Shanghai night net

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The cold water with right amount rejoin, knead dough makes itsLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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A little a bit harder; kneads dough at least 10 minutes or so, the muscle that can strengthen an area, a bit salt is added when knead dough, can make faceLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Muscle path. ; will put the cap on the salver lid that has the side that has kneaded, put period of time, it is to wake face. Wake the time of the face is 15~30 commonly minute, it is to dough wake before the face 2 times big can. Wake after the purpose of the face depends on making the face ferments, become more muscle path and softness.

3, put the dough after waking on face plate to knead ten minutes forcibly. Should nod: ?

 How does dumpling skin do forcedly

4, knead this fine knead long, the cross section that kneads face rod is equivalent to size of a yuan of coin can. When kneading board go up the flour that shed a point, prevent to be stuck inFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Board go up. Tangent plane is round. Width is controlled two centimeters, the key is face rod be in board on the scroll that should go up. Such permutation can be formed after be being cut. Press dough. Asperse above pink, each1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Dough is held with the hand, use that big muscle of armrest palm thumb to be pressed downward, can.

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