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Article introduction

We can use dinner service everyday, the tableware of oneself needs to clean everyday, more the dinner service that does not promote restaurant hotel. Below normal circumstance, tableware is to use the essence that wash clean to cleanA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
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, after been wash againForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Rush with clear water, of course if this is in the home if, so doing also is possible, if this changes restaurant hotel, not quite appropriate, because tableware is of need disinfection. So, does tableware disinfect a method to a few kinds there are?

Does tableware disinfect a method to a few kinds there are?

Commonly used method

1, boil disinfection: catharsis clean tableware place disinfects 2-5 into boiling water minute.

2, vapour disinfection: catharsis clean tableware place joins vapour cabinet or in box, when making temperature rises 100 ℃ , alexipharmic 5-10 minute a large number of steam arise to disinfect tableware after; adds water boil with boiler, the effect is very good also, won’t make tableware hangs scale, also be one of very good disinfection methods.

3, oven disinfection: Wait like infra-red disinfection ark, temperature oneNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Control in 120 ℃ like, disinfect 15-20 minute.

Does tableware disinfect a method to a few kinds there are?

4, immerse disinfection: Not high temperature resistant tableware, especially beer is provided etc can encounter hot blowout, be out of shape etc, can use bleaching powder, chloric inferior bright, the disappear venom such as potassium permanganate immerses. ImmerseShanghai noble baby

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Must notice medical fluid must have done not have chroma of fluid of tableware; medicine to want to ask by the regulation when, if bleaching powder uses the tableware of patient of hepatitis of; of 0.5% clear liquid to want to use the bleaching powder of 3% ,clarify fluid; to immerse time wants enough, need 15 ~ 30 minutes commonly clear water of the reoccupy after; immerses is rinsed clean, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Had better rinse with water of going from place to place.

Chemical disinfection

Use tableware disinfectant undertakes tableware disinfect

Does tableware disinfect a method to a few kinds there are?

The requirement of chemical disinfection:

1, choose disinfectant

Must be the tableware disinfectant that approves via wholesome service, cannot use blame tableware disinfectant to undertake tableware disinfects;

2, the chroma that use tableware disinfectant undertakes alexipharmic, must achieve the chroma; that this product manual sets

3, immerse tableware buy into disappear venom 10-15 minute, tableware cannot show the fluid face; of disappear venom

4, tableware is disinfected China hind should use water of going from place to place cleared tableware apparently rudimental disinfectant, take out peculiar smell.

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