[Yang Mei can eat together with peach] _ of _ tree plum eats – together

Article introduction

Red bayberry and peach are the fruit that a lot of people like to eat very much, their exterior colour and lustre is bright-coloured, let a person have appetite it seems that, these two kinds of fruits contain rich nutrition, they eat together do not have a problem, because be not overcome between them. Although these two kinds of fruits are exceeding delicious, but when eating, also want right amount, acid of red bayberry flavour is sweet, if eat much, may affect digestive function.

Can red bayberry eat together with peach

Red bayberry photograph overcomes food to be as follows

Red bayberry and cucumber cannot eat together.

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, and vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic. If both at the same time edible, the vitamin C in red bayberry can be destroyed, lose original nutrient value.

Red bayberry and turnip cannot eat together.

Red bayberry contains rich plant pigment, if its and turnip an edible, the assimilation that via gastric bowel is decomposed, can produce the material that controls thyroid function, cause strumous.

Red bayberry and green Chinese onion cannot eat together.

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At the same time edible can produce mixed biochemical response, it is certain to be had to human body undesirable1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Red bayberry and milk cannot eat together.

Red bayberry contains rich fruit acid, many protein is contained in milk. Be like both at the same time edible, the fruit acid in red bayberry can make the protein in milk caky, influence protein is digested absorb.

Can red bayberry eat together with peach

How does red bayberry eat

1, law of general sweep the deck: Put Yang Mei in the bubble in brine 10 minutes or so, abluent can eat raw. Also but honey of Taoist sacrificial ceremony eats, mixture yoghurt or salad, condensed milk eating together also is possible.

2, iced arbutus. Will abluent Yang Mei is put last in the box, scatter a few white sugar next, in putting its freezer refrigerant, can extend Yang Mei’s expiration period already, can follow again eat along with take. Have a way besides these outside, red bayberry still can use bubble wine to perhaps extract edible of red bayberry juice.

Additional, red bayberry is unfavorable eat more, eat much let gum easily send soft, the tip of the tongue to wait frothily, cause likely still ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” phenomenon.

Can red bayberry eat together with peach

Feed diligent effect

Red bayberry has promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, be good at lienal appetizing effect, feed more do not have taste not only, and have the effect with alexipharmic cold dispel. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account, “Red bayberry can stop thirsty, with the five internal organs, can wash intestines and stomach, except irritated muddleheaded evil spirit. ” red bayberry fructification, nucleus, root, Pi Jun can be used as medicine, the gender is smooth, avirulent. Pit can control athlete’s foot, Shanghai night net

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Bubble wine can treat injuries from falls, red ache. With the Yang Mei that liquor immerses, midsummer season, those who feedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can become aware suddenly enrage Shu Shenshuang, disappear heat solves be bored with. When diarrhoea, take soup of red bayberry boil down to drink below can stop discharge, have convergent effect. Red bayberry has disappear to feed, heat of dehumidify, solution, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid relieve a cough, aid digestion, keep out is cold, stop a variety of functions such as the medical function such as cholera of have diarrhoea, diuresis, prevention and cure, have ” the agate in fruit ” praise.

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