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In taking beefsteak course not only the flavour of beefsteak itself is very important, and irrigate in the Shang Zhiye above beefsteak more important. The individual can choose the soup juice of different taste when eating beef, among them black peppery it is a kind when numerous person place loves, because black peppery and OK the flavour that lets beefsteak becomes have administrative levels feeling more, taste also can make a person feel delicate more. And oneself make beefsteak in the home when, is the burden of black peppery beefsteak what kind of?

 Hei Jiaoniu discharges burden

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Do black peppery beefsteak to put what condiment

1, souse beefsteak.

2, the: that make juice?  of ⒑ of lofty of E Pang aether peddles? of white of strip of land between hills to put freezer in.

3, heat boiler, put butter.

4, put black pepper.

5, put the onion that has cut.

6, above celery, carrot is put to fry after be being fried a little while, rejoin ketchup is fried then, all things should fry chromatically.

7, add water, with the reoccupy after big baked wheaten cake leaves small fire is stewed, stew 3 hours above, the appearance after been stew, color is very deep.

8, by be fond of the salt that increase a point flavors, receive soup juice thick. Decoct beefsteak, pan puts butter, pepper, it is good to open small fire simmer in water to become angry to the surface. Boil and so on of a few vegetable, cauliflower, carrot with boiled water at the same time put beefsteak limit, drench on hoosh.

 Hei Jiaoniu discharges burden

The common practice of black peppery beefsteak

Practice of black peppery beefsteak one

1, prepare data.

2, after beefsteak is washed clean, with the back of a knife blade light number of beats falls.

3, join salt, black peppery, cooking wine, ginger, often smoke, unripe smoke, white sugar, corn is amylaceous, mix bloat half hours equably.

4, fall to panbroil 15 minutes in boiler, IForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Do not like to eat too unripe beef, if be 5 maturity, decoct 7 minutes OK.

5, what had cut orchid and carrot are put into boiler to thoroughly cook on the west, add right amount salt.

6, finished product, like how to be placed dish follow you.

Practice of black peppery beefsteak 2

1, will bloat first makings mix up, again1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Add bit of clear water, put in beefsteak bloat, I bloated probably 20 minutes or so.

2, boiler having oil, put garlic end, the condiment that puts mix up again (before 4, mix up) , the unripe pink that adds mix up finally ticks off Gorgon euryale. Put on.

3, boiler having oil, have flat bottom frying pan, after waiting for oil to be heated up quite, guan Xiaohuo, put beefsteak, begin decoct, press more, oppose an aspect a little while, decoct arrives about the same the rate that you like, good. Install dish. Will doForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Good black peppery juice is irrigated go up.

4, fry green pepper with the oil that remain finally, put by, more good-looking.

 Hei Jiaoniu discharges burden

Practice of black peppery beefsteak 3

1, the section after lemon is washed clean with saline rub.

2, with lemon piece surrounding edge. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

3, preparation is black peppery beefsteak and on the west orchid.

4, 2 grams salt is joined to fall after the water inside boiler leaves on the west scoop up after orchid scald is ripeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Had had cold water.

5, olive oil is entered inside boiler.

6, put beefsteak.

7, the face breaks up to add black peppery juice after making an appointment with decoct one minute, decoct gives boiler to 7 minutes of ripe flameout.

8, put add above salver on the west orchid can go up desk.

The food photograph of black peppery beefsteak overcomes knowledge

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Beefsteak + Chinese chestnut: ? Brilliant?

Beefsteak + leek: ? Discharge?

Beefsteak + river snail: ? Abduct of ⒏ of  of  of grey bring a case to court?

Beefsteak + brown sugar: ? Shine? of  of Nai of  of  planning 

Beefsteak + pork: ? Does dizzy team promote  hold?

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