” final illusion 15 ” put on sale two anniversary are premonitory inferior red DLC animation is premonitory

SE was released now ” final illusion 15 ” two new premonitory. The first premonitory it is commemorative game put on sale two years, the 2nd is ” final illusion 15 ” animation short film ” inferior Dan Zhizhang is prelusive ” bellwether is premonitory. ” final illusion 15 ” on November 29, 2016 put on sale, roll out put on sale now so prevue of two anniversary edition has bit of evening actually. Commemorative prevue used Tokyo rock-and-roll team yellow monkey (Yello Monkey) the song of creation ” Horizon ” .
SE government is inferior Dan Zhizhang DLC made an animation short film, gut happening is in ” final illusion 15 ” this piece before the story, explain great villain in drama inferior the past of red.

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