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Login register Kunlun of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian definitely integrated fistfight championship does aid peaceful station ring down the curtain: of origin of KO of the lightning that perform? ?2017-05-05 17:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

In Kushenkefu Asigaile and Sun Shuwei match. Sponsor just offer a plan

In new network Beijing electric reporter sponsorred square place to learn from the match on May 5, grand female Kunlun definitely integrated fistfight championship 11 aid stand rather, 4 days save gymnasium of aid peace high new developed area to perform in Shandong, in add up to in 10 wonderful argue, match 3 ” piece ” ace again join forces gives waist band of gold of battle contention, Wei Mian.

Sun Shuwei of Chinese fist hand and husband of division of assorted of library of Russia fist hand? A Si lid forces come into unavoidable confrontation, this lightweight match enters a climax at the beginning. Exploit Sun Shuwei’s loophole, russia player is taken easily stand the position of broken end, sun Shuwei defends more tenacious also. After entering the area, kushenkefu? Asigaile launchs round of new attack, spread out hammer to attack continuously, used 59 seconds to win victory with respect to lightning KO merely.

Does case of Russia fist hand haul Ye husband? Is the horse mixed Axike of Wu Kelan’s player? Not tie fight hand to hand of husband of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, body of Russia fist hand looks stronger, and hit a law to have very strong mulberry rich mark. The match is immersed in the ground very quickly, layefu? The horse is in on very active, be certain the opportunity weighs boxing ground to be bungled continuously in 1 minute of 40上海千花社区

seconds attack, successful TKO win victory.

In card of Yo take an examination ofing and match of suddenly Yi Xibai. Sponsor just offer a plan

Do Huoyixibai and card of Yo of peaceful fist king 上海夜网

take an examination of the Chinese a tough guy that comes from Xinjiang? Strong collision of phenanthrene Er Tai Sijiang, yo blocks one’s previous experience of fist of the peaceful that study practice, come from boxing house of Yasangkelai, once mixed come out even of Zhang Meixuan hassle. Add up to Huoyixibai for many times to try the ground to attack first not if really, and in stand level Yo card checks genu leg dominant position very big. The 2nd bout, yo card is taken an examination of those who hit is more active and active, seize an opportunity 爱上海同城手机版

1 minute adversary of surrender of 40 seconds guillotine.

The Limaliefu of Ba Lajin of Trojan of Chinese the Monggol nationality and Russia? Mark爱上海

on the west Mu stand facing each other, ba Lajin rides to seek yield by adversary for many times, but be succeeded to cast off by Russia player. Ba Lajin hits have patience, send trip of force general adversary suddenly, back-to-back move is the ground is bungled attack, hit opponent loses counteractive ability almost, adding up to 27 seconds 4 minutes to adopt backside first naked wring surrender get victory.

It is reported, bencibi surpasses advocate contest will be in partly on May 6 CCTV sports channel (the 16:3 of CCTV5)0-17:55 period of time undertake broadcasting. At the appointed time, each boxing confusing can watch Ben上海夜网论坛

changbi surpass other and wonderful basket bottle right definitely. (Be over)

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o Tai Mingbai 2 hours however ” do not write down

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