The duty in the job is being enrolled to guide graduate of 50% junior high school to go up in saving standard of educational office dispatch

Dispatch province will teach the net austral Fujian on July 21 hall yesterday message, I save average high school to recruit choose school to be born, should carry out strictly ” 3 be restricted ” policy, namely ” be restricted number, be restricted money number, be restricted mark ” , in the meantime, every scale that choose school recruits to be born in amounting to elevation is top must not exceed this school to enrol unripe plan in those days 20% (do not contain choose school to be born) .

Teach the relevant announcement that hall allots according to the province, I save each city, county this year (area) educational se爱上海

rvice should take strong step, cogent correct general high school to violate compasses the behavior that recruits the student below lowermost mark line, the general wise move that must not break through a province to decide make known to lower levels at will lays a plan, guide the student below the line actively to enter oneself for an examination secondary vocational school.

To in duty recruit students, the province teachs hall to point out, each district in principle should guide graduate of this year’s junior high school by the scale of 50% to billabong of secondary vocational school; Should widen further channel of source of student, guide go to a graduate of junior high schoo上海千花网龙凤论坛

l, not high graduate of general of enter a higher school, urban and rural laborer, retire the soldier accept medium profession to teach.

It is appeal of recruit students of school of the duty in rising, each district should be advanced further ” religion produce look forward to of union, school to cooperate ” managerial mode reform, structure of occupation of recruit students of the duty in be being optimized hard. In the meantime上海贵族宝贝

, want action of farther normative recruit students, prohibit contending for grab the 上海千花网

malign competition behavior such a爱上海同城对对碰

s source of student.

Province education office still asks each district continues to perfect go into town the policy measure that Wu is versed in personnel follows change children to accept high school phase to teach in place, support encourages those who accord with a condition to go into town Wu work staff accep爱上海同城论坛

ts medium profession to teach along with change children fairness. (this network reporter Li Wei’s trainee Zhuang Zhenzhen)

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