School of the name outside the province approves house of the line that deliver file not to issue Yuan Chao high to save definitive edition a gleam of ahead of schedule

Yesterday, participate in the Fujian Province is common this year wise move literary history, manage is versed in the outside be being saved partly school that approves recruit students ahead of schedule announces kind of undergraduate course in succession the line delivering file in Fuji上海贵族宝贝论坛

an recruit students (or line giving grade) . Cast archives and admit a circumstance to show, school of the name outside the province admits a mark tall, school of general undergraduate course admits cent not low also.

In the college that admits by this a gleam of, high grade college admits a mark tall, especially the source of student of recruit students school such as 985 211 explodes full, can foreknow from line giving grade of these colleges admit cent to will save definitive edition a gleam of more than far (literary history kind 549 cent, manage are versed in kind 525 minutes) . Partial s爱上海同城论坛

chool delivers shelf line (or line giving grade) specific as follows: Tsinghua university manage is versed in university of kind of 658 cent, Tsinghua (national defence is unripe) m上海同城对对碰交友社区

anage is versed in kind 634 minutes; Beijing University literary history kind 646 minutes; Literary history of Shanghai Fudan University kind 638 cent, manage are versed in kind 668 minutes, college of medicine of Shanghai Fudan University 647 minutes; Ma阿拉爱上海同城

nage of Chinese people university is versed in kind 655 minutes; Literary history of university of Hong Kong Chinese kind 640 cent, manage are versed in kind 673 minutes; Literary history of college of Hong Kong city kind 616 cent, manage are versed in kind 644 minutes; Literary history of Beijing Normal University kind 622 minutes, manage is versed in kin爱上海

d 640 minutes.

The college outside the province that admits by this second line admits a mark not low also. For instance, cou上海千花社区

rtyard undergraduate course approves Zhejiang oceanography to plan to enrol 11 people in Fujian ahead of schedule, deliver file actually 13 people, highest the cent that deliver file is 483 minutes, lowest casts archives cent to achieve 441 minutes.

The program that admits according to wise move is arranged, literary history, manage is versed in kind of undergraduate course approve convention ahead of schedule volunteer the source of student in recruiting a process is insufficient and the school that has plan of odd recruit students, professional, courtyard of province education exam will be in website ( go up to be announced in time, examinee can be in on July 11 8 when to 18 when log onto afore-mentioned website fill in a form and submit it to the leadership by oneself of this batch ask for volunteer, so that seize this batch admit an opportunity finally.

(reporter Xu Hanyu)

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