[mango and pear can extract juice] _ pear _ extracts juice to feed – together

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The fruit that mango is a kind of very good to having for people body advantage and itself is having rich prandial fiber and carbohydrate. Mix to people body nutrition1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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For energy complement, have wonderful effect. Pear is a kind of commonner reservoir, to expectorant relieve a cough, clear lung heat is having very good effect. This brings about a lot of people to like what mix mango and pear together to extract juice. But a lot of people know, different fruit mixes together to be able to produce different result. So can these two things mix together to extract juice to use?

Can mango and pear extract juice

1, can eat together

Mango and pear are OK ate together, mango and pear are not the food that digests, and also won’t destroy the nutrition between each other, mango and pear eat together can treat constipation, have clear the action of intestines and stomach, many vitamin is contained in mango and pear, often eat to have conserve effect to the skin, the skin can become smooth water embellish, return can clear hot reduce internal heat, it is a kind of pretty good collocation.

2, juice of mango snow pear

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Have a kind of method that combines mango and pear, it is juice of pear of snow of make it mango, the way is very simple, prepare a mango and a Xue Li, if like acidity to be able to prepare a lemon, first mango abluent flay is mixed nucleus, cut small next, pear abluent also flay and nucleus cut small, again will citric abluent take out the flesh of fruit, in bearing these 3 kinds of fruits juicer, after mix is even can drinkable, had tasted not only, nutrient value is very high also, everybody can try.

3, warmth is small remind

What need reminds is although the fruit is very good, but do not eat everyday much, face especially kindForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Kind so various fruit, some people may eat two kinds of food to be able to have unwell feeling, because pear belongs to the fruit of cold sex,that is, some people ate pear is meeting have loose bowels, so oneself want to notice at ordinary times, do not eat much.

Mango and photograph of the following food overcome:

1, mango and wine cannot be fed together

Mango and wine are hot food, the kidney that has pair of people more is harmful.

Can mango and pear extract juice

2, awnFall in love with the sea

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Fruit and seafood cannot eat together

Both eat to be digested not easily at the same time, and the food that mango and seafood both are easy allergy, if be fed together, easy and allergic.

3, the laborious content such as mango and garlic is fed together cannot feed together

The fruit acid that makes that, amino acid, protein is contained to wait in mango. Excitant material is contained in these material more, after the skin that unscrambles human body, can cause allergy, serious person can appear red, aching phenomenon. Do not eat together with acrimony content, the kidney that has pair of people more is harmful.

Can mango and pear extract juice

4, mango and pineapple cannot be fed together

These two kinds of fruits together edible lookShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Easy cause allergic

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