[leek fries onion] _ fries – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of leek of onion _ hill

Article introduction

Leek and onion are everybody is not what often be familiar with to feed capable person, and a lot of people are met this both collocation is fried together will eat, it is very delicious that the fact proves leek fries onion, this is a sex the cate with valence very tall comparing, so specific how should be done?

Does leek fry onion how to be done? Chef is such operations

One, the practice that leek fries onion

1, had picked leek to be cut paragraph

2, cut onion paragraph

3, put onion in boiler to be fried together with leek

Does leek fry onion how to be done? Chef is such operations

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2, leek fries onion / more practice

1. leek reserves with onion

2. onion goes oldLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Leather stripping and slicing

3. leek is picked cut after yellow Xie Xi is clean paragraph

4. heats up the oil below boiler, enter onion first break up fry a little while

5. next willNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Leek falls to break up together fry

6. is added finally salt and be born transfer flavour

7. is OK go up desk

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Because leek contains a large number of oxalic acid, eat together with milk, can form the oxalic acid calcium that dissolves not easily, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The absorption that path of block up bowel pledges to calcium

Does leek fry onion how to be done? Chef is such operations

3, the practice measure that onion fries leek

1, centShanghai Long Feng forum

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Fasten a leek, onion abluent cut

2, hot oil, put onion to break up fry.

3, join oyster sauce render palatable

4, break up fry even hind the render palatable that add salt, put leek, flourishing fire is fried divide evenly can involve fire

5, give boiler to install dish

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Leek shoulds not be long fry, Forum of Shanghai night net

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After wanting together, put.

Use kitchen utensils and appliances: Fry pan

4, the practice that onion leek fries duck chest flesh

1. prepares raw material;

Shredded meat of 2. duck chest is joined salt, amylaceous, unripe smoke and cooking wine, mix even hind souse a little while;

When 3. is fried, oil of rejoin a few mixes even;

4. clean boiler puts right amount oil, next good into souse duck chest shredded meat go in;

5. delimits with the chopstick diffuse, break up fry after becoming angry to duck chest flesh, fill piece reserve;

The oil end a few that stays in 6. boiler joins onion silk to go in break up fry;

Leek Duan Jin is joined to break up after 7. onion silk fries a fragrance fry;

8. breaks up duck chest shredded meat is joined to break up after be being fried a few times fry;

9. continues to break up fry salt is joined to flavor after becoming angry to leek break up fry even can.

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