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It is early between a few chiliad, the ancients had had the very deep technology that make to rice crust, rice crust not only it is to be able to treat as small snacks, still can cook, make food, rice crust is put in chaffy dish, flavour also is pretty good, rice crust rice is aromatic thick goluptious, aftertaste letting a person is boundless, the price of economic material benefit, get the welcome of many youths, of rice crust meal doForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The law distributes a lot of kinds of kinds, need matchs vegetable, the flesh kind, make according to feeding the use scale of material.

Encyclopedia of practice of rice crust meal

Market prospect

Rice of rice crust rice is aromatic tender, special tasty, stream of people lets forget to return repeatedly after eating, nowadays of rice crust rice becomes those who make much youth to eat surely already delicate. The business is unusually hot, after the client samples, be profuse in praise, a lot of client admire names and go, satisfactory and return. Faint scent of rice crust meal is tangy, induce person appetite, meal of every rice crust, around the fragrance with light dish, get the fragrance confluence of rice crust and rice proper! Price economy is substantial, everyone has case!

Encyclopedia of practice of rice crust meal

Meal of pumpkin banger rice crust


Banger 2, pumpkin 800g, unripe rice two cups, waterForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Two cups reach two cups half, a few of the head of garlic, caraway a few


1, section of banger, pumpkin, the head of garlic reserves caraway is cut paragraphs small reserve

2, next banger decoct after hot pot come give oil to be in to Jiao Xiang having a place banger garlic of nowadays of half oily fast Jiao Xiang piece decoct comes golden putting pumpkin to mix fry – put unripe rice – add water (pleaseLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The meeting when adding water carefully has hydrosphere to rush, not by scald) the salt that adds flavoring touch, gallinaceous pink, boil Great Master can. Gai Jingjing of the boiler on the lid awaits 30-40 to divide.

With makings

Advocate makings rice 1 bowl

Complementary makings egg a dove egg 1

Condiment any of several hot spice plants of chop of salt a few 1 teaspoon potherb mustard 10 grams plant is oily 2Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Encyclopedia of practice of rice crust meal

The practice of rice crust meal

1. prepares any of several hot spice plants of dish of leftover, egg, dove egg, snow, chop

The yoke of 2. general egg and egg white are apart (use yoke only)

Columbine egg break up is joined in 3. yoke, add a few salt, mix divide evenly reserves

An oil is wiped in 4. boiler, put leftover, even lay open, xiao fire slowly decoct 10 minutes

Yoke is entered equably in 5. rice fluid

Bian Lin of 6. edge boiler enters a few oil, rotational boiler, letFall in love with the sea

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Rice blends in egg fluid adequately, slow fire is slow decoct 10 minutes

The rice crust meal with 7. good decoct is gashed with boiler shovel, into even 8 wait for a portion, outfit dish

Any of several hot spice plants of 8. Sa Shangxue dish, chop can (take the advantage of heat to eat, sweet fragile extremely)

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